What are the advantages of joining the BIF EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION?

  • Meet like-minded organisations representing people with brain injury or their families and speak as one voice on a European level.
  • Develop strong support networks, sharing experience and good practice already gained in one or another country affiliated to the Confederation.  14 National NGOs are members of BIF to date.  That’s access to 14 organisations recognised as the leaders in supporting those with brain injury in Europe.
  • Improve awareness of brain injury in Europe and develop facilities available to re-educate, rehabilitate and reintergrate brain injured individuals.  Also increase recognition on the impact experienced by families with brain injured relatives and help services available.
  • Actively participate in the European Disability Forum (EDF) on promotion of equality of chances and non-discrimination for disabled people to secure guarantee and protection of all their rights.


The following membership options are available within BIF:

  1. Fully-fledged members
  2. Associated members

All members of the Confederation must have a legal constitution/statutes recognised in their own country.  In order to become a member you will need to meet the following criteria:

Fully-fledged members

  • In order to be a full-fledged member, your organisation must be the National* Non-Governmental Organisation of Brain Injury within your country.
  • Every member must adhere to the Constitution of the Confederation and its accompanying regulations. Click here for more information.
  • Pay an annual Fully-fledged membership fee

As a fully fledged member you will have the right to vote on decisions made by the BIF European Confederation (one country, one vote).

Associated members

  • To join as an Associate member, you will need to be an NGO working in Europe for the well-being of brain injured people and their families.
  • You do not need to be the National NGO within your country.
  • Pay an annual Associate membership fee

Asssociate members do not have the right to vote on decisions made by BIF, but will be able to speak before the Assembly with the consent of the President.

If you wish your association to become a member of BIF, please get in touch via our contact page.  Requests to become a member will be directed to the BIF Secretariat who will take you through the application process.

*National Non-Governmental Organisation:  If you are unsure regarding the status of your organisation and if it is the National NGO for your country, get in touch and we will assist you with your membership.