European Conferences

20th – 22nd February 2019

Zero Project Conference, Vienna

The Zero Project provides a platform to raise awareness on the most effective and innovative solutions to problems faced by people with disabilities.  Their aim is to assist in creating a world without barriers based on the Articles of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

The Justice Project’, is an initiative by Headway UK, enabling individuals who have suffered from a brain injury to apply for a brain injury identity card.  It is designed to help police officers and staff more easily identify brain injury survivors, ensuring that they receive an appropriate response and support.  The card has also been used by brain injury survivors to give them confidence in everyday social scenarios.

BIF nominated Headway’s Justice Project for the Zero Project 2019 Awards, who were calling for entries focussed on Independent Living and Political Participation.  The Justice Project was successfully selected as an innovative practice, raising global awareness of the brain injury identity cards through the Zero Project network.  BIF’s initial aim was to extend the Justice Project to other countries through members within the BIF European Confederation.  However with the Zero Project platform, BIF is delighted that The Justice Project now has potential to be even more far reaching and improve the lives of brain injury survivors across the world.

Above video: Peter McCabe (CEO of Headway UK) receiving the Zero Project Award alongside Evelyn Vincent (President of BIF) at the United Nations, Vienna.