Päivi Puhakka

Contact 1:Päivi Puhakka (Aivovammaliitto Executive Director)

Marge Miettinen

Contact 2: Marge Miettinen (Aivovammaliitto Member of the Board)


The Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Finland is a non-profit organisation with various functions. It is a national organisation that provides support for people living with traumatic brain injury and for their families.  The purpose of the Association is to improve the social position of disabled people and to influence the care and rehabilitation services as well as the development of service systems.

The Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Finland celebrates its 25thanniversary in 2017.


People with traumatic brain injury need long-term rehabilitation provided by experienced professionals familiar with brain injuries. Rehabilitation has to be carried out in cooperation with the injured person, their family and a multi-professional team. The goal of rehabilitation is to increase the injured person’s awareness of the symptoms and to support the improvement of their functional capacity. The relatives of those with TBI also need support and guidance.

The main form of medical rehabilitation is neuropsychological rehabilitation. Other types of rehabilitation are occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitative nursing. In addition to this, TBI requires the expertise of medical specialists, rehabilitation counselling and social work services. Rehabilitation can take place in an outpatient or inpatient setting and may be needed for several years.

Adaptation courses help the injured person and their family and friends find the resources to cope with their new life situation and create connections to other people in a similar situation. Vocational rehabilitation helps to assess the person’s ability to work, as it may be necessary for the injured person to rethink their career choice or consider a job change. Vocational rehabilitation may include training and coaching as well as a variety of support measures to help cope at work. The injured person needs services that simplify daily activities and give life meaningful content.


The Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Finland arranges various types of voluntary activities for people living with brain injury and for their families. Voluntary work comprises of peer support, peer support group counselling, training and different tasks at local associations.


The Traumatic Brain Injury Association of Finland provides various services:

  • Information and advice
  • Adaption courses
  • Peer support
  • Different types of voluntary activity
  • Educational activities (workshops, seminars)
  • Publishing activities (information brochures, books)
  • Advocacy


  • Sharing of experience/practice within rehabilitation
  • Sharing of experience /practice in provision of social and health services
  • Events
  • Information/public relations/publicity campaigns
  • Research