Jana D_Cerebrum

Contact: Jana Dobrkovská (Director of Cerebrum)







Cerebrum’s mission is to improve the long-term care for people suffering from acquired brain injury (ABI).  Many individuals affected by ABI are sent home without a care plan, leading to fractured communication between service providers and ABI sufferers experiencing a lack of continuity in their treatment.  Due to limited access to support, families who take it upon themselves to look after a relative with ABI, also frequently suffer from burnout as well as experience a deterioration within their close relationships.

There are very few specialised and comprehensive rehabilitation centres in the Czech Republic, therefore many individuals with ABI or their families go to institutions for the mentally handicapped or long term and old-age care clinics.  These professional bodies however, are often not equipped to provide adequate assistance.

Cerebrum’s aim is to initiate rehabilitation as soon as possible and significantly improve the aftercare given to those who have suffered from ABI.  Their wide ranging work is made possible through the support of grants, funds as well as part-payments from clients.


  • Raising awareness of brain injury and rehabilitation services available in the Czech Republic.
  • Non-acute care in the form of individual and group therapies
  • Offer assistance from psychologists, speech therapists and physiotherapists.
  • Provide therapeutic activities in the home environment
  • Advise families, carers and relatives within a clinic


  • Publishing specialized topics in the field of the therapy for people with an acquired brain injury
  • Sharing experiences in home therapy and counselling.
  • Supporting the carers of people with ABI.
  • Creating materials for peer-to-peer consultants and sharing best practices in this area.