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Contact:  Vera Bonvalot (Novamente Executive Director)






Novamente is a nonprofit association that aims to support survivors of TBI and their caregivers.  It was founded in 2010, by a caregiver (father) of a TBI survivor, his friends, parents, doctors and others that joined him.

Novamente is recognized in Portugal as the national advocate for TBI and main representative for families with TBI survivors.  They provide information and support on family rights as well as existing procedures to improve the quality of life for TBI survivors and their families.

Novamente has made key contributions to TBI research through conducting studies and analyzing statistics about TBI in Portugal.  They have also launched support groups in some of the major cities in Portugal assisting people with TBI and their caregivers, as well as creating workshops and training for professional and TBI family carers.  They are currently forming partnerships with the main public hospitals to establish family support programmes which are tailored to each individual TBI case.  These include, but are not limited to providing detailed information on TBI, legal advice, emotional and psychological support as well as training and rehabilitiation assistance.

In 2016, Novamente provided aid for more than 600 families.  Together with their partners across Portugal, they have been able to support the needs of every family affected by TBI, where ever they live.

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  • Help-line (consulting)
  • Psychological support to caregivers
  • Cognitive-social rehabilitation program for young adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Support groups and Self-help groups for young adults with Traumatic Brain Injury
  • Educational activities (workshops, seminars, conferences)
  • Information interactive web site about TBI and all services or events that could be interesting to TBI survivors their caregiovers (formal and informal) and specialists
  • Publishing activities (information brochures, books…)
  • Organizing awareness raising events


  • Awareness campaigns
  • Sharing of experience/practice within rehabilitation
  • Sharing of experience /practice in provision of social services
  • How system of care/rehabilitation should be organised
  • Research
  • Sharing of experience /practice supported employment services
  • Sharing of experience/practice in vocational rehabilitation
  • Capacity building