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Contact 1: Robert Sangy (U.N.A.F.T.C. Vice-Président in charge of European Questions)





About U.N.A.F.T.C.

The main objective of U.N.A.F.T.C. is to develop mutual support and information available to families and individuals who are affected by brain injury, in particular, those who are affected by a lack of services and provisions. U.N.A.F.T.C also campaign within public and governmental bodies to raise awareness of this “silent epidemic”, promoting the creation of specific services and establishments for people with brain injury.

In 2012 UNAFTC was comprised of three divisions:

  • 50 AFTC (Associations of families with one member suffering a brain injury) united by area through regional coordinators.
  • 80 Establishments and Services dedicated to people suffering a brain injury.
  • 40 GEM (Groupement d’Entraide Mutuelle), i.e 40 mutual support groups.  These were created with and for people victims of an acquired brain injury, to reintegrate them into social life through activities and outtings.  The patients manage the projects themselves together with the assistance of a sponsor.

Services provided

  • Help-line (consulting)
  • Psychological support
  • Information and formation (Review, days of formation)

Fields of possible cooperation

  • Awareness campaigns


In 1985 several families came together in Bordeaux to form the first Association of families, whereby one of the members suffered a brain injury (AFTC).  In particular, one of the families – Jacques and Catherine MONDAIN-MONVAL – had a daughter who was victim to an accident and had just died.

A handful of associations followed and the need for information and support grew. UNAFTC was founded in Bordeaux, on October 10th, 1986 with Jacques MONDAIN-MONVAL elected President.