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One of the challenges many of our NGOs face is brain injury associated with cycling through lack of safety measures and helmets, helmets, helmets!

An exciting development in the field of design and engineering is set to revolutionalise the future of cycle helmets and due to be launched in 2017.  Winner of the James Dyson Design Award 2016, the honeycomb cardboard cycle helment is affordable, eco friendly with the same shock absobancy as polystyrene.  Constructed from waterproof, recycled paper, they fold flat and can be easily stored in a bag for people on the go.

The Eco helmets are expected to cost around £4 (€4.54) each and have the potential to be easily accessed through vending machines placed next to bike hire points.

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One of the most frequently cited research on cycle helmets is a study from Thompson and Rivera which found that cycle helmets can significantly reduce the chances of cyclists sustaining head and brain injuries by between 63 and 88%.

A Cochrane review considering five case-control studies from the UK, Australia and the USA illustrates a large and consistent protective effect from cycle helmets, reducing the risk of brain injury by up to 88% and injury to the upper and mid face by 65% (Helmets for preventing head and facial injuries in bicyclists, Thompson et al. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 1999).

Cochrane reviews are internationally recognised as the highest standard in evidence-based health care research – see the Headway UK website for more information

‘Cycle Helmets & Safety’ information provided by Headway UK


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